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Pets certainly know when they are clean and looking good.  Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more outgoing.  Just like all of us, they feel good when they look good. 

Kerry's Four Legged Friends offers a complete line of fine grooming services to bring out the best of appearance and personality in any breed.  We work carefully, never rush, and do not overbook appointments.  We always take our time and do it right.   

There are many variables in pet grooming, therefore the price is based on the time required to complete the chosen service. Factors which determine the price of a service include:
breed, size of pet, length of hair, degree of matting, brush out, disposition of the animal, difficulty of the cut and drying time. We have two services available. The Complete Groom and the Partial Groom. 

The Complete Groom Service 
This is an essential service that maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. Each Complete Groom Service at Kerry's Four Legged Friends includes: Premium shampoo and conditioning, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and hair cut.

Partial Groom Service
This service excludes hair cut; but includes bath, dry, nails, ears and groomers will trim the areas around:  Paws, ears, private areas and loose ends.    

This is less expensive than a full haircut and appropriate for dogs  who want to maintain the current length of their coat, but simply need a clean-up and a sanitary trim.   

      Complete Groom Prices  
Prices listed below do not include price adjustments due to the following: size of pet, length of hair, degree of matting, brush out, other services requested, disposition of the animal, difficulty of the cut and drying time.) 

                         Airdale Terriers $55+                      
                                                   Bearded Collies $65+                                                  
                                                     Bichon Frise $45+                                                       
                                                  Border Terrier $45+                                                   
Bouvier Des Flandres $60+
Brittany Spaniel $50+
Cairn Terrier $45+
Cavalier King Charles $45+
Chow Chow $45+
Cockapoo $48+
Cocker Spaniel $50+
Goldendoodle $65+
Havenese $45+
Kerry Blue Terrier $55+
Labradoodle $65+
Lhasa Apso $45+
Maltese $45+
Norfolk Terrier $45+
Old English Sheepdog $65+
Pekenese $45+
Poodles: mini/toy/standard $42+/$45+/$60+
Shih Tzu $45+
Schnauzer(min/stand) $47+/65+
Scottish Terrier $45+
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier $58+
Tibetan Terrier $47+
Welsh Terrier $52+
West Highland Terrier $45+
Wire Fox Terrier $48+
Yorkshire Terrier $44+

***Please call or email for request, if your breed is not listed

Partial Groom Prices

Prices start at $35 for bath with partial service. 
Please call or email us for prices.

Additional Services

The Furminator De-Shedding Treatment:
This process is not done using chemicals; but instead a conditioning and brushing treatment to removes the heavy undercoat & loosen the hair so effectively that you'll see up to 90% less shedding on your pet!
Prices start at $10 for small dogs

Specialty Shampoo or Conditioning Treatment:
Prices start at $8 for small dogs

Tooth Brushing: $6

Nail Trim/dremel & pad trim: $15

Demat Charge: $15/15 min

Brushout: (1st 15 minutes are included in service) Additional minutes are $15/15 minutes.


























































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